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Fetish Fantasy Door Swing

Fetish Fantasy Door Swing

You can experience the versatility and freedom of weightless sex with this Door Swing from the Fetish Fantasy range of creative bedroom accessories. This set includes 2 heavy duty harnesses which are fully adjustable to accommodate your size, and 2 acrylic tubes. Now you can enjoy turning any door into your own piece of sex furniture! Slip the tubes over the door frame, shut the door and fit and adjust the harness. The lower leg straps are placed around the thighs and your lover’s arms are placed through the upper loops. This means they can hold on to the handles for extra safety. Adjust to the correct height for you. This set holds up to 300lbs and is resilient enough to withstand vigorous use. Accompanied by the free eye mask you can enjoy kinky blindfolded fun during your many new sexual positions and pleasure antics too.


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