How to be a dom woman

Pamela Suspender Basque

Have you ever thought of how to be a dom woman? Gone are the days when dominance was the man’s thing, now is the time when more and more women want to become dominant in the bedroom and the truth is more and more men are liking it. Yes – even men like surrendering or being “submissive”, and they enjoy being dominated in bed!

So how do you transform yourself into an amazing dominatrix? How do you please a man without compromising on your desire to be the dominating one in bed?

If you have been wondering about how to be a dom woman, here are a few tips that are surely going to help you:

  1. Be assertive: Assertiveness is a huge turn on for men who want to be dominated. Make sure you are this way with him before even taking him to the bedroom.
  2. Choose the right attire: Men love being dominated by a beautifully dressed seductress, and they usually prefer a tight fitting outfit that exudes power. The good thing about being a dominatrix is that nobody tells you the way you need to be dressed; you can decide what gives you more confidence.
  3. Tell him where he belongs: Got a foot fetish? Do you want his tongue on your foot? Tell him and he’ll submit to his knees to do what you desire.
  4. Carefully choose your props: In BDSM there are a lot of props you can use to dominate your man but some men have their limits, and you need to find out what your man is comfortable with before choosing to blindfold him and/or whip him. Once you know his limits you can choose the appropriate props.
  5. Make sure to use the little things: Submissive men like nothing more than pleasing their mistress and they usually find pleasure in the littlest things. For example, if he wouldn’t mind pouring some wine for you, you could simply say “Get me some wine” and he’d be straight to it. It isn’t all about what happens in the bedroom and having power over him in every day life can, in a sense, be more exhilarating.
  6. Tell him what you are going to do with him: Being told what you’re going to do with him in every detail can be more thrilling than the act itself, as you are building up anticipation. Make him wait for it, have him on his knees, make sure he so turned on that he’d be willing to do anything for you to get some release.

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